Eco Power offers full service capabilities to manage all phases of lighting projects for businesses of all sizes.  We begin by qualifying your business for any available utility rebates and tax incentives and performing a no-obligation, free on-site energy audit.    

We also perform traditional sub-contracting work for many of Arizona’s largest General Contractors (Noresco, APS Energy Services…).

Our Services include…

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Retrofit
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Maintenance Packages
  • Exterior Night Time Inspections, Pole Numbering & Emergency Response
  • New Fixture Installation, Pole Lights, Signs
  • Facility Auditing, Lighting Design and Consultation
  • Intelligent Lighting Control Products; Timers, Controls, Dimmers and Occupancy Sensors
  • Emergency Lighting, Battery Backups and LED Exit Signs
  • Group Re-Lamp (changing lamps only – maintenance free lighting for years)
  • Fixture Cleaning
  • Recycling of lamps, ballasts and fixtures per EPA Guidelines

FACILITY AUDIT.  What is a lighting audit?  An audit is an on-site inspection of your facility lighting that helps to identify retrofit opportunities and create a detailed profile of your current energy usage and lighting quality throughout your facility.  

VALUE ENGINEERING.  Each facility is unique in its physical layout and operational challenges, but it doesn’t stop there. People are utilizing different areas of a facility for different reasons, often requiring a variety of light levels and controls.  We carefully examine your current deficiencies through photometric technologies, analyze your utility usage and listen to your needs for improvement and change.  This process allows us to custom engineer an energy saving strategy that addresses multiple lighting arrangements and other applications.   

Our comprehensive proposal includes a custom engineered energy reducing lighting upgrade with quantifiable energy savings, ROI and all available rebates and tax incentives.  We process all utility rebate paperwork for you, further saving you time and money.  You will know exactly what you are getting in detail with calculated costs and payback times.   

YOU HAVE OPTIONS.  Lighting is not “one size fits all”.   It’s essential that you work with a company that will educate you about the options within each technology and help you decide what makes the most sense for you.  There are countless lighting products that vary greatly in quality, benefits and features.  The choices can be very overwhelming and time consuming if you’re not working with an experienced company.  With expertise solely focused on energy management since 1995, we can quickly identify the best lighting and energy reducing applications for your business.     

INSTALLATION CONVENIENCE.  An energy upgrade is a business investment.  Make sure you choose the right contractor.  Eco Power’s installation is performed “in-house”, not subcontracted out.  Eco Power has specialized solely in energy efficient lighting since 1995, giving us the experience advantage over other “green energy” competitors who have sprung up overnight to capitalize on current utility rebate programs.   

If you decide to proceed with an energy upgrade, we will install around your schedule, whether days, nights or weekends, it’s what we do for your convenience and to minimize disruption to your business.  With efficient and professional project management, we offer turn-key capabilities for a seamless project. 

“We didn’t even know you were here except the lighting is so much better!” – Our favorite and most common compliment – it’s now our credo.

THE ONLY EVIDENCE OF OUR PRESENCE SHOULD BE NOTICED IN BETTER LIGHTING.  You should see little to no evidence of contractors in your space.  It’s our pet peeve when contractors leave your workspace a mess and unfortunately it’s all too common.  While any project will have some disruption, we leave your space in “the same or better condition than it was found”.  We promise your cleaning crew will love us…

MAINTENANCE FREE LIGHTING & WARRANTIES.  You can expect to enjoy virtually “maintenance free” lighting for years after an energy upgrade.  Eco Power warranties workmanship for 1 year and depending on the quality products used in your lighting strategy, lamp and ballast warranties typically cover 3 to 5 years.  And rest assured we follow all EPA certified disposal and recycling guidelines to ensure we are all being GREEN!

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